In my opinion nothing is more impactful to our success then managing our states…

You can have the right strategy or great mechanics but if you can’t put yourself in your best state, that PEAK STATE consistently…the results you’re looking for won’t be produced consistently.

But even with the coaching that I do for peak performance I have to remind myself that helping people to have their best season or best year is just as much about shortening the cold streaks as it is increasing our capabilities and results.

Because we’re all going to have cold spells. We all are going to get tired, frustrated, upset or angry from time to time.

But it’s how long we spend there that separates a good season from a great one…and a great one from our MOST OUTSTANDING season(YET!).

One of the tools I use and teach others how to regain control after a spin out is what I call RESPA.

Now RESPA is a crocodile and we use that animal as an anchor to help our brains remember HOW we can regain our composure.

Because think about it for a second…crocodiles have been on the earth since the time of the dinosaurs, in fact, the two are cousins.  However, the crocodiles had the flexibility and adaptability to survive the dynamic changes on the earth over the last 100 million years that have claimed their cousins and other animals.  Even today when the rivers dry up–crocodiles have the ability to burrow themselves and slow their heart rates to three beats a minute and wait out until the next rains.

That’s why the “R” in RESPA stands for “Relax.” Take a breath…shake things out and get centered back in this moment.

The “E” is for evaluate–Crocodiles also have a second eye lid that drops down when they’re swimming in murky water that act like super goggles and allows them to see clearly. After we relax…it’s important to see things HOW THEY ACTUALLY ARE (not worse then they are) because have you ever noticed how when people get stressed or frustrated they tend to make things a lot bigger or worse then what’s actually going on?

“S” is for strategy–Once we are centered again and have our bearings on what the situation is, we can form a game plan towards WHAT WE WANT. I capitalize that because too often people will create strategies towards what they don’t want to happen. It’s like when drive into potholes–you can talk all you want about not hitting it but if you keep looking at it you’re going to unconsciously direct your wheels straight into.

The “P” is for patience–Just that split second of re-evaluating, that you did get centered, saw things clearly and created the best strategy for the situation.

And then it’s “A” for action–Go get it done.

Now…if you know me, I love creating anchors. Associations that automatically trigger you into your best states and saying “RESPA” with each deep breath begins to create that link. Meaning the more you say it and use it–the stronger it’ll become and the more it will instantly change your physiology and improve you’re thinking.

When to RESPA? Whenever you need it. The process can be done over a day or in a nanosecond depending on what you’re using it for.

It’s a tool that I’ve taught athletes to do between plays and business management before meetings and I use it probably most myself to stay calm and focused with my 6 and 4 year old sons lol.

RESPA allows us to regain our composure–take back control of our emotional state and thus our life–to get that car steering back on the road we want to go down, shortening down those cold streaks and playing life at a higher level.–
Until Next Time…Aim High and Swing Hard!

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