Got a GIANT GOAL that seems IMPOSSIBLE to get to?

Got a GIANT GOAL that seems IMPOSSIBLE to get to?

This last week I was on the Sports Wealth Radio Podcast with it’s founder Jeff Pierce.  We discussed a variety of topics dealing with youth athletes and parents but what got me really excited was when I began telling him about the beginning of my professional baseball career.

He had asked for me to explain how the minor league system’s work and to provide information for parents and athletes that may be listening and coming upon that decision for themselves and to let them know that, hey…you don’t get drafted and go to the big leagues straight away…you go to rookie ball and climb the ladder of five to six different teams before you’re even at the doorstep of the major leagues.

Getting to that triple-a doorstep typically takes 4-6 years to do…and that’s for only less then 10% of those drafted that will make it that far anyway.  Not the prettiest of pictures and far from glamorous are those first few years.

But what got me really excited was when I was asked to describe the principles and the focus it took to get to that goal of reaching the major leagues…because I remember how impossible and so far off it felt once I actually did sign.

I remember every morning showing up to the facilities that first summer and feeling a million miles away from the big leagues every time I would look at the printed out stats of the six teams full of players ahead of us. (Trust me…you feel a lot closer to the big leagues the day before you sign your contract…then when you show up to play lol.)

Yet I didn’t let myself fall into frustration or discouragement because I would then shift my focus on what I could do to get just a little bit better that day then the day before—improve my skills and mechanics just a tad more—in everything that I did.  Like building a brick wall…you can only lay one brick at a time…the same goes for chasing after your largest of goals—focus on advancing the smallest of steps one day at a time.

So if you have one of those whale-sized goals like I know a lot of the people I work with do…develop a daily procedure or a routine that allows you to stay on track with the specific areas you need to develop for your goal. Then stay the course performing them each day with a mentality that you EXPECT to grow and improve those skills into whats required for the ultimate goal.

Day after day after day…until one day you step back and truly see the grandness you’ve created.

Until Next Time…

Aim High and Swing Hard.

Jason Botts

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