I know a lot of people are big on trying to improve positive thinking and it’s definitely important towards creating the results and outcomes we want.

But the belief that improving our performance begins with changing our thinking from negative to positive thoughts…is gonna be a long battle.

We have over 65,000 thoughts a day. Even more–95% of those thoughts are the same ones you had yesterday and the day before that.

The majority of our thinking flows in patterns–one thought leads to this, then that thought leads to this one.  Over and over again throughout the day and most of the time at a completely unconscious level.

Changing that pattern is a monster frickin challenge by trying to think more positively alone.

However, a way that we can interrupt that pattern much much faster is to begin to commit to SPEAKING positively first…


For the longest time I thought it was our thoughts that determined the words we speak and maybe so a lot of the time.  But how often do you say something where you were like…geez…I should have thought before I said that lol.

Yet…the words that we speak can shape and direct our thoughts. The spoken word has far more energy and power to shift our thoughts, to interrupt that pattern, then trying to alter our thinking alone.

The more experience that I gain coaching others–the more I see that it’s the fastest way to change habitual thinking.  By helping people to be conscious and choose the words they are speaking about themselves, about others and about what they want out of an experience.

One of the steps of Extreme Focus I teach says, “all positive creation comes through positive communication,” because it’s our words that have the greatest impact on our thoughts.  It’s those thoughts that determine the actions we take and those actions produce our results.

So if you find yourself caught in a pattern of negative thinking…commit to speaking what positives you want.  Say them out loud to yourself feeling the positive energy and truth of the words deep in your body and consciously choose the words you use with others.for you are shaping both yours and their thoughts as well.

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