About Jason

Hey Hey Hey—Jason Botts here! 

After retiring from my Major League and 15yr Pro Career, I chose to live a new dream helping other Athlete’s achieve their Goals and Dreams.

With a short shelf life for most careers–athletes feel an internal clock always ticking to get their performance to the next level.

They invest so much time, energy and finances into their physical training and technical instruction trying to increase their results–but the truth is 80% of success comes from a player’s State of Mind.

Learning how to Master a Peak State is any athlete’s fastest path to raising the bar to their performance.

What I’ve found over the last four years of working with Professional and Elite Amateur Athletes–is that there are specific patterns in each player’s Physiology, Mind and Language that produces specific results.

Improve, Maximize and Condition those patterns…You Maximize your Performance.

I experienced the transformation of Mastering my own State first hand.

As a small town kid with Big League Dreams–I grew up big and with some potential–but on nobody’s radar to play beyond high school.

At 16, I was taught how to no longer let my results happen by chance, but to intentionally create the thoughts, focus and feelings that would produce my strongest actions.

In two years, I went from zero college interest, to being offered a scholarship to play for the #1 Ranked Collegiate team in the country–which I turned down–to live my Ultimate Dream playing professionally with the Texas Rangers.

And 4.5 seasons later–I found myself at the Ballpark in Arlington, walking up to the plate for my first Major League At-bat against the Baltimore Orioles.

My career didn’t take off, I didn’t take off–until I learned how to take charge of my State.

Reach out for more info on this unique system that produces real results for Competitive Athletes.

Until then,


Aim High, Swing Hard and Smile Often.

Jason Botts