The big guy really showed our guys about beast mode!!! The mental focus workshop was great for our players! Using Beast principles our guys were able to advance to the state semifinals and narrowly missed out on playing for a state championship. If anyone has an opportunity to work with Jason Botts then they should seize it! The Coweta Tigers will be using him from now on!

Cody Pair, Head Coach Coweta H.S. Baseball

My daughter has been with Jason over a year now and we can’t thank him enough. The mental toughness she learned through peak performance kept her and her teammates strong through the playoffs. I love the ease in which she moves to the next pitch, always moving forward. She is completely focused and has a new love for the game. She is a strong confident pitcher because of Jason Botts

Kristi Wright, Mother of Madelyn Wright, D1 Commit (ACU)

I was fortunate enough to have been a teammate of Jason’s and learned a lot from him as a player. Having him work with my players in his mental focus workshop, now being a coach, gives them a huge advantage! I’m so pumped to continue working with him and my athletes as he develops and strengthens their mind!

Eric Baker, Asst. Baseball Coach, Coweta High, OK

After recovering from an injury, we sought out Jason Botts and Peak State to help my son regain the edge it takes to play baseball at the highest level. The results have been amazing. The methods received from Jason has helped my son, Lance, develop the confidence, focus and mental abilities needed to face the level of competition he endures. Now when he takes the mound, it looks like he’s already beat them, even before throwing the first pitch. Thank you Jason and Peak State!!

David Cotter, Father, Oklahoma City, OK

As a coaching staff, we realize there are many facets to developing an athlete to reach their utmost potential. Of all the bases we were able to round ourselves, there was a mental side we were not able to tap in to quite like Jason did with his program. The slogans and positive talk we learned permeated throughout our entire team for our regular season. And as we continue in to playoffs, these same slogans exist within our dugout. Jason’s program offers us a positive edge that allows us to now round all bases efficiently and with confidence. #WOTAR

Lynn Rottman, Head Softball Coach, Eaton High (TX)

More then just being knowledgeable in performance psychology, Jason’s true gift is his ability to relate to each athlete and guide them to learning these strategies so they can apply them on their own at anytime to produce their best performances consistently.  From Little Leaguers to Big Leaguers, Jason Botts PEAK STATE has something to offer them all.

Justin HatcherInstructor/Bullpen Catcher San Diego Padres

Jason is a former Major Leaguer that has great knowledge and content for players of all ages on the mental side of baseball or softball.  His passion shows through is intense work ethic and drive to make each player understand the importance of routine and coping mechanisms for success on and off the field.  Jason works with my organization of over 500 players and I have been very pleased.

Mike Colangelo MLB 1999-2002

I appreciate the time Jason took to share his knowledge with our sales reps. I know we had some team members expand their thinking to a higher level and overcome some limiting beliefs during his workshop with them.  Guiding them in setting a confidence anchor to use during their sales presentation has helped to improve closing ratios. Thank you again Jason for bringing your knowledge and training to our team.  Once again, you have helped raise the performance bar for our DFW Security sales team.

Marty J. Marlow President MGM Security Holdings Texas Parent company of DFW Security